The textile tour is designed to provide you the rare opportunity to understand different aspects of Bhutanese textiles including the process of natural dying and weaving through hands on opportunities. You will be traversing through several weaving regions such as; Kushithara (intricate design) and Bura (raw silk design) village of East Bhutan to Yathra (yak and sheep fabrics) weaving from Central Bhutan.

The tour also includes visit to various Museum, Dzongs and Monasteries and will enable you to experience the real Bhutan as much as possible.

The journey will take us from one corner of the country to another stopping at important textile centres, interacting with locals, visit major sights and witness the festival programs. Further we understand that as the group will have varying interests, so we provide a range of activities, ranging from hands—on opportunities at the loom through to non—textile pursuits for accompanying partners.  We also have left plenty of flexibility in the itinerary to take advantage of opportunities that can’t be predicted, and to choose optional activities according to the interests of the group.

We will conclude our adventure in the more developed western part of Bhutan and by this time you should be well acclimatised if you wish to hike to the spectacular Taktsang (Tigers Nest) monastery near Paro.

There are various packages; you can either choose our package or give us your dates with specific requirements. We are ever glad to assist you in having a plan that suits you. See our textile tour packages…