Sustainable Development Fee (SDF)?

What is the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF)? 

– With the reopening on September 23 to outside visitors, visitors to Bhutan will make an active contribution to Bhutan’s economic, social and cultural development. The Sustainable Development Fee enables investment in transformative programmes that preserve our cultural traditions, protect our heritage and environment, upgrade infrastructure, create opportunities for our young people, and build resilience. For more on the SDF, visiting Bhutan and our plans, visit 


How much is the SDF and where do the funds go?

– Guests from India are levied SDF of Nu. 1,200 or an equivalent amount in INR per person per night, which will remain in effect for two years, following which time it may be reviewed and revised in keeping with the principle of the preferential rate after two years. 
– There will be a concessionary levy of 50% on the SDF for children between the ages of 6-12 years and exemptions of SDF for children aged 5 years and below.


How can the SDF payment be made?

– The SDF must be paid during the visa or permit application via wire transfer or using a credit card. 
Indians can also pay in INR.


Planning a trip

How does one plan a tour or trip to Bhutan? 

-While visitors to Bhutan can plan their own trip, they can also engage local tourism service providers [see for more information] who can provide more assistance. However, it is mandatory to stay in certified accommodation for the whole duration of the trip.  


Guests visiting Bhutan shall arrange:

        (1) Accommodation;
        (2) A tour guide
        (3) Travel insurance, and;
        (4) Transportation around the country, including airport transfers.


For details and booking a trip to Bhutan, please contact us.

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