Druk Siddhi Tours has been founded as a socially responsible travel enterprise and as such believes that we have to take care of our planet, especially in light of the present climate change scenario. Moreover, Bhutan cannot be complacent with just being a carbon-negative country. Already the impacts of tourism through air transport, land transport, hotel,  entertainment centers, etc are evident everywhere in Bhutan. As such we are mindful of our everyday tour operations, beginning from the way we design the itinerary, and select partners (hotel, transport, etc) to conduct tours in the field.

Obviously, we not only uphold the values of sustainability but implement them as well. We aim to follow, implement and promote good sustainability practices to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative impacts on tourism from our operations and to influence our clients and partners to do the same.

To learn more about our Sustainability please contact our sustainability coordinator:

Namgay Dendup, email: namgaydup@gmail.com, Cell number +975 17705555.

Simultaneously you can refer to  Sustainability Policy for Druk Siddhi Tours