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    Bhutan (Druk - a dragon Kingdom) with approximate size of Switzerland is a Buddhist Kingdom located between China and India, and is known for its peace loving people. It has been increasingly seen as tourist hotspots due its Dzongs (fortress), snow capped mountains, valleys, rivers, good forest cover and many historical and natural heritage sites that were preserved as Bhutan remained in self imposed isolation until 1960s.

    Our Government regulation mandates that all tourists have to arrange the visit through the registered tour operator of Bhutan. All International tourists visiting to Bhutan (except Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian who need to obtain permit at entry port) must obtain a visa clearance. Visas are processed online by your licensed Bhutanese tour operator, upon receiving full tour costs.

    According to the suitability of season there are two seasons with different rates to visit Bhutan. The rate is inclusive of Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) of $65 per person per day, accommodation, food, English speaking guide services and land transportation within Bhutan.

    i. Peak or high season months are March, April, May, September, October and November = USD250/person/day
    ii. Low season months are December, January, February, June, July and August = USD200/person/day

    There are two ways
    1. You can use your Master and Visa Card to directly send the tour costs. Online card payment will charge you 3.5% on the total payment, (2% will charge by the Card Company, 1% by your bank, 0.5% by the bank in Bhutan).

    2. You can directly wire the money using the banks in your corresponding countries (the list will be provided based on your country). After remitting the payment to Bhutan in our account, we have to request our bank in Bhutan to transfer it to the Tourism Council of Bhutan Account. The transfer fee vary according to the bank which you have to bear it.

    - SDF is Sustainable Development Fee and amounts to USD65/day/person that is deducted from the daily rate (say USD 250/- during peak and USD 200/- during low season). SDF is paid directly to government and are used for providing free health care, education and infrastructure development.

    - The daily rate is the amount inclusive of SDF.

    Yes, there are discount as listed below; Individual and Group discount.

    Individual discount
    - Children between 0-5 years old, no charge
    - Children between 6-12 years old, no SDF charge and 50% discount on daily remaining rate
    - Full time student under 25 years old with valid student card gets 25% discount on daily rate
    - 50% discount on SDF after the 8th nights
    - 100% discount on SDF after 14th nights

    Group Discount
    - 50% discount on daily rate is given to one person in a group of 11 to 15 people.
    - 100% discount on daily rate is given to one member in a group exceeding 16 people.

    Surcharge apply if the group size is 2 pax and below
    - Single (individual) – US$ 40 per night
    – Group of 2 person – US$ 30/person/night
    Surcharges are determined by Government and is directly deducted from the tour costs.

    Bhutanese currency is known as the Ngultrum and has same value as the Indian currency of Rupee. As such Indian currency note is also used widely in Bhutan. But the international tourists must make payment in the dollar.

    ATMs are located through out the country and you can easily withdraw the amount in Bhutanese currency.

    Bhutan has been gaining popularity as a peace loving nation and is everyone’s dream to visit Bhutan. The slogan of Tourism Council of Bhutan is "Bhutan-a happiness is a place?"

    No, there won't be any language barrier as lmost all the Bhutanese can speak English. Moreover English is used as a medium of learning and is also used for communication purpose.

    No, there are SDF (Sustainable Development Fee of USD65/day/person) waiver if you visit Eastern parts of Bhutan comprising of Samdrupjongkhar, Trashigang, Pemagatshel, Trashiyangtse, Mongar and Lhuntse). That waiver is until December 2020 only.

    We will be glad to provide answers on any front to enable you to enjoy your visit to Bhutan,