His Eminence Jigme Jangchub Dorji Rinpoche (Brief Account)

Amidst the various spectacular signs, he took birth corresponding to the most Auspicious month (4th lunar – Sagadawa month on 2nd day) in 2003 to father Namgay Dendup (Jigme Drogzang) and mother Gyelmo (Jigme Yangchen Tshogyel) in Bhutan. His birth has been foretold by many eminent Rinpoches as well as his mother had a various ominous dreams predicting the birth of a special being.

There were many miraculous and mysterious incidents that took place prior to his birth, during his birth and as well as afterwards. Few instances are he could clearly recollect his past life, and is often seen doing unusual activities since small, where at one point of time he was seen uttering the word Kaa, Khaa, Gaa, Ngaa, etc after one large crow and he was telling his parents as the crow has come to teach him alphabets. There are numerous other incidents and his parents have to just abide by his instructions which led to the meeting with his root teacher. Presently he is undertaking his rigorous monastic education in India. A biography is still being compiled…..