Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is a small country with an area of 38,394 km2 and a population over 70000 people. The country’s astounding bio-diversity is attributed owing to its location in the Eastern Himalayas where the two major bio-geographic realms of Plaearctic and the Indo-malayan adjoins; encompassing more than 5,400 species of vascular plants. It falls within a biodiversity “Hotspots” with rich floral and faunal representative of tropical/subtropical as well as temperate and alpine regions. It also falls within the Global 200 eco-regions.

The forest cover comprises of more than 70% with over 50% declared as the protected areas management. Conservation is entrenched in the Buddhist (more than 80% of the population) philosophy of reverence for all living things and is also spelled out in the overall national development policy.

Bhutan is only carbon negative country in the world.

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