Supreme Siddhi

The Supreme siddhi refers to unsurpassable siddhi, the perfect enlightenment. By purifying the obscuration of disturbing emotions and the cognitive obscuration (obscuration to knowledge) one achieves the Supreme siddhi. This very supreme siddhi is attainment of enlightenment.

Ordinary Siddhi

The Ordinary siddhi refers to the eight ordinary accomplishments achieved through the power of substance and mantra. These are common to both Buddhist and non-Buddhist. The eight ordinary siddhis will be explained briefly here.

1. The siddhi of the celestial realm: the ability to dwell in celestial realms while one is still alive.

2. The siddhi of the sword: the ability to overcome any hostile army.

3. The siddhi of the pill: the ability to become invisible by blessing pills and holding them in your hand. The bearer of this pill can also transform one’s body based on one’s wishes.

4. The siddhi of the swift-footedness:  by wearing boots one has blessed, one can walk around the world in an instant

5. The vase siddhi:  with the vase siddhi one can create a vessel that makes anything one puts inside it.

6. The siddhi of yaksha: the power to make yakshas one’s servants. They will follow one’s orders and accomplish the work of a million people in a single night.

7. The siddhi of the elixir:  based on the extraction of quintessence and mantra, one can increase one’s lifespan; one will achieve the strength of an elephant, the beauty of a lotus, and makes one feel as light as cotton wool whenever one gets up from one’s seat.

8. The eye medicine siddhi:  It enables one to see things beneath the earth, such as treasures and so on when you apply balm to one’s eyes.