We are committed to work in line with eco-tourism principle and benefit the local community and environment while meeting our traveler’s need.

One of the main reasons for our founder to voluntarily resign from government service is to take forward the eco-tourism mainly the Community Based Tourism. Although he helped formulate community based tourism plans and presented it to larger stakeholders especially the, Tourism Council of Bhutan and  Tour Operators, but he feels that benefit does not come to the local community as anticipated. Moreover it entirely depend upon the tour operators whether to bring tourists to the community level. 

Therefore Druk Siddhi Tours wanted to do its own way  by taking the tourism to the local community level and benefit them which in turn will encourage them to preserve their livelihood, tradition, culture, environment, besides providing authentic Bhutanese rural experience to our guests. 

As such we offer various following ecotours;

– Community based tours

-Birding Expeditions

– Botanical Exploration

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