Join us if you want “to unveil the untold stories of the Last Shangrila”. Our approach to guiding is unique as we go beyond bookish knowledge to reveal some interesting myths, mysticism and facts thereby awakening your curiosity to explore the Last Shangrila. You may question as how it is possible.

Our founder while working with the Bhutan’s forestry and wildlife services for the past 19 years have had the unique opportunity to undertake socio-economic surveys involving participatory approaches throughout Bhutan. This enabled him to get in-depth knowledge of local livelihood, traditions, culture, history, floral and faunal knowledge, besides equipping himself with all the policies of government. Infact he has produced several Socio-economic Reports/Publication which has been used as an input into government planning works, especially on ecotourism activities.

Now he opts to use his experiences in translating tours packages (refer tour packages) into memorable experiences.