Welcome! and we are delighted to introduce our-self. The literal meaning of Druk Siddhi Tours is a Bhutan accomplishment tour. We intend to accomplish:

– Your travel needs,

– Benefit the environment and local community.

Rightly so, we have adopted “Happiness Through Ecotourism” as our tagline. 

Moreover it has been desire of our founder, Mr. Namgay Dendup, who has made enormous contribution to Bhutan’s eco-tourism activities especially with Community Based Tourism for 19 years, and still wanted to carry forward his passion. Importantly mutually share the benefits with all.   

Our Mission

Our Purpose

Druk Siddhi Tours is focused to put Siddhi a Sanskrit term for accomplishment” into practical use. As such we adopted our tagline as “Happiness Through Ecotourismas it is through ecotourism that we will be able to accomplish the desire for our guests, local community and environment. It’s a Siddhi accomplishment and happiness for all!

Our Strategies

We intend to take forward the long term partnership which has been developed with the local community members and encourage them to protect the local environment by benefiting them socioeconomically while ensuring the personal, caring and better services to our guests.

Our Values

We will be always be guided by our philosophical values of maintaining honest, impartial and transparent relationship with our guests, local community, partners and among ourselves.

Last but not the least, your choice of availing our service is beyond ordinary business, for your valuable contributions will support His Eminence Jigme Jangchub Dorje Rinpoche’s spiritual activities and noble wishes.

We look forward to be of your service and accomplish Win-Win for all.